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We are a team of researchers, ordinary citizens, special advisors, and entrepreneurs actually changing the world and having fun while doing so.

GlobalSoko Foundation, Inc., entity number: E14778802021-5 is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation operating in Clark County, Nevada. We provide fully transparent and accountable charity facilitation that enables Sponsors, Donors, and Volunteers to give needed resources, Goods and Services directly to people in need anywhere in the world.

Mission: From the middle of anywhere to inner-city America to international marketplaces, GlobalSoko Foundation provides digital transformation and economic benefiting programs to underserved communities. Our unique approach, access and programs provide a more efficient bridge to close the gap between underserved communities and economic empowerment

Special Advisory: We are privileged to have one of the most diverse teams with UPS, Disney, NBA, Agilysys, US Military, Compaq/HP alumni, celebrities of all types, government advisors, industry thought leaders, philanthropists and institutions.

Most charities ask for money, which goes into a general fund. Those funds are then spent by the charity as they themselves see fit, with no transparency or accountability to the individual donors. Often, the intended recipients receive only a fraction of the amount that was donated.

In contrast, Global Soko provides full transparency and accountability. This is a core part of our mission as we maintain our priviledge to work with the world’s reputable organizations.
We also provide an easy to use digital donation platform called Direct Aid where donors can securely send needed resources to ANYONE from ANYWHERE in the world. Our Direct Aid donation platform allows each Donor to select their individual Recipient and choose the specific items they wish to donate to that person. The Recipient requests the specific Goods and Services that they actually need, so that the assistance is relevant and of actual help to the Recipient. The Donor then receives verification that their Recipient has received the donated Goods and Services so that they know for sure that their intended Recipient has received all of the Goods and Services supplied.

GlobalSoko Aims to:

Lester Speight, Actor, International Wrestler and Partner
GlobalSoko Foundation, International Partners

Current Programming To Underserved Communities Include:


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Corporate headquarters and main campus:
3960 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 500
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169-5972

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Partners and Network

Thank you to all of our partners and contributors of all sizes and types as we power forward to change the world!

Enda Sportswear 

Lester Speight (Hollywood Actor)

Dynamic Minds Consulting 

Double Nova Group

Social Media Gateways, Inc.

MegaSoko, Inc.

Courier Int’l

Lareine Logistics

Red Sound Music Group

Sublime Entertainment Management Group

Stanford University Research 
SIUC Carbondale 
Corporate sponsorship and support
Private sponsorship and support
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