About Us

GlobalSoko Foundation Inc. ("GSF") is a nonprofit organization that improves the livelihood of people in underserved communities through digital transformation and by empowering them to help themselves.

Vision and Mission


Create a better life for people through digital transformation.


To empower and provide affordable access to digital transformation tools that eliminate barriers to opportunities and transform people’s livelihoods in underserved communities. 

GlobalSoko Foundation is comprised of Educators, Mentors, Researchers, Influencers and Volunteers from every walk of life. Our mission is to empower underserved communities by providing a fully transparent and accountable charity that enables Sponsors, Donors, and Volunteers to give needed resources, Goods and Services directly to people in need anywhere in the world. GlobalSoko Foundation also provides digital transformation tools and services.


Social Empowerment

GlobalSoko Foundation strengthens the people in underserved communities, social relations and their positions in social structures, giving them more of a purpose all around. Their contributions to society are recognized and valued as opposed to looked down upon.

Digital Transformation

Keep the money you raise whether you beat your goal or not. No deadlines.

Educational Empowerment

GlobalSoko Foundation educates and provides underserved communities with knowledge to boost their self-confidence, self-esteem, and make them self-sufficient. Education also puts everyone on equal footing.

Self Sustainment

GlobalSoko Foundation provides people from underserved communities digital tools, services and global marketplaces so they can efficiently run their businesses and become more self sufficient.

Economic Empowerment

GlobalSoko Foundation provides material, human, intellectual, and financial resources to help close the gap between the rich and the poor, and reduce inequality.


GlobalSoko Foundation embraces innovation that empowers people to solve problems that matter and achieve their full potential.

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