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Improved Research and Practice Related to Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment and WASH Urgently Needed




A new Rollins-led review article published in PLOS Water is the most comprehensive synthesis to date of current evidence on water and sanitation and women’s and girls’ empowerment. Bethany A. Caruso, PhD, MPH, was lead author on the article, which was entirely Emory authored.

With women carrying much of the burden for WASH-related activities at a global scale, investigating the ways in which women’s and girls’ empowerment is impacted by WASH programing is critical in developing effective public health initiatives.

“Effective WASH programming could engage women to understand their needs and support them with the resources and agency to improve their circumstances,” says Caruso. “Yet, this review illuminates how poor water and sanitation conditions have resulted in myriad negative impacts on women, which continue to remain unaddressed. Women risk physical and sexual violence, experience illness and injury, compromise their mental wellbeing, limit hygiene and food and water intake, and suppress sanitation and menstrual hygiene needs because of inadequate WASH.” 

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Africa Day Feature 2022


Watch Action From The DadaSoko Booth

Africa Day 2022 in Las Vegas brought a vibrant community together from across the valley. Fox 5 Las Vegas features DadaSoko as part of the Welcome To Africa Day along with Foundation CEO, Moses Kusasira.

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‘Flag-wavers of the future’: Yale Women’s Empowerment Conference brings together students and leaders


The voices of the 14th annual Yale Women’s Empowerment Conference rang out this Saturday in Woolsey Hall, with a handful of women seated in the auditorium as others tuned in at home from computer screens.

The conference, which was held this year in a hybrid format, brought together women from the Yale community with women leaders across the nation. Started in 2006 by the Yale Women’s Leadership Initiative, the annual conference aims “to empower women to become leaders and change-makers in their industries and beyond,” according to the WLI website. 

At the start of the conference, co-directors Amy Zhou ’23 and Julia Zheng ’23 stepped up to the Woolsey Hall podium, clad in black pantsuits.

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Consumer Insights Report Finds Empowerment Is Key to Digital Transformation in Wellness



According to a new consumer wellness survey by Hero Digital, a digital business transformation company, half of Gen X consumers and 40 percent of Gen Z consumers prioritize empowerment in wellnessbrands.

While the wellness category has been gaining momentum for years, the pandemic gave brands in the space an extra nudge in their acceleration as consumers searched for new ways to improve mental and physical health — from digital fitness to wearables and weight loss. However, wellness solutions and transformational tools do not look the same for all consumer demographics. In fact, Hero Digital’s new report reveals insights into key differences found across Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Baby Boomer consumers including the attribute they place as a top priority.

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5 Ways to Fight Poverty

More than half the world lives on less than $2 a day.

It’s a startling truth that can sometimes make us feel helpless. Yet poverty can and must be fought. Our very own Dr. Dennis Labayen, Field Operations Director, identified 5 effective ways to fight poverty. Dennis has been working since 1973 to create a sustainable,permanent solution to poverty in many poor communities around the world. After years of research and implementation, Dennis and his team have fine-tuned a process called Participatory Human Development. The process is so effective that other NGOs are also being trained in these techniques and are adopting similar practices.


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