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Photo Shoot Teams Assembled in East Africa

The DadaSoko Program creates successful model and photo shoot teams to showcase retail products to international markets. Team consist of both women and men, aspiring freelancers, and professional production managers. Each photo shoot session allows a unique opportunity for new set of freelancers to participate in the photoshoot program and showcase of new items designed by creative high quality procedures from different countries within East Africa. The participates get be a part of the split payment share of the profits of the items they model as they are sold. We are looking forward to the launch of the Dadasoko marketplace in December 2021. 

New Programs

New Programs

Women with lots of potential or already producers of products and services are identified and selected by the YWCA for the DadaSoko program which gives access to digital transformation tools, education and financial literacy. The entrepreneurs with the best graded products are then on-boarded to the DadaSoko marketplace so their products can get international exposure. Products range from organic reusable baby diapers, women sanitary items, book bags, mens suit jackets, women's dresses, table cloths and so much more!



GlobalSoko Foundation is officially launching their DadaSoko Global Virtual Marketplace with the Afro Winter Wear in the Desert Fashion Show on December 4, 2021 at the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas. A fashion runway will feature models showcasing the latest men’s and women’s clothing styles from Africa, exclusively designed, manufactured, and marketed by a new generation of talented young women fashion designers. DadaSoko, which means “SisterMarket” in Swahili, is a joint project of two Las Vegas based organizations: GlobalSoko Foundation, which supplies the project funding, training, and organizational support; and Social Media Gateways, which provides the digital business transformation technologies that power the DadaSoko Global Virtual Marketplace platform.

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Growth Update

The PaySoko payments platform has been acquiring weekly users and now has an active community between the US and Africa from its partnership with the GlobalSoko Foundation. 

GlobalSoko Foundation, Inc. (GSF) uses PaySoko technologies to facilitate payments with many more seamless options for its DadaSoko project, and other projects for freelancers and underserved communities. -Stay tuned for more updates soon as we are growing!

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