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99 Year Old Business Woman Forced To Stop Working Amidst Covid-19

99 year old business woman forced to stop working, sickly and struggling to take care of herself.

My name is Bakananza Falastence, 99 years old living in Naguru suburbs, Kampala, Uganda. At my age I sell charcoal for a living income where I get my daily food and medication. My health is very shaky with diabetes, blood pressure, pain in my knees and legs. My daily activity has been cut off due to the new world outbreak of Corona virus.

It is very sad to my community having been my biggest support but has also been cut off because everyone at this moment is minding about themselves. I have no relative that am relying on my son stays far from me and comes to see me one in a while. But won’t expect those visits during the trying time. I am of great request to render me some support e.g. my basic needs and medication.

We have been advised to wear masks and gloves, however we don’t have these items and we are unable to purchase them because of lack of money. Any help finding these items is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for listening and giving from time request. Be blessed.

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