Boda Boda Operator Lost their Job which Helped to Take Care of Special Needs Son

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My name is Paul Kamau and I work as a Boda Boda (Motorbike) rider. My job involves ferrying people or goods from one point to another. My day to day clients are mainly students that go to high school and college around the Nairobi area.

I have a son Reagan Kamau who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth. He is my whole worked and I work hard to take care of him from providing for food and also his normal weekly therapy

Since the pandemic, people are not using Motorbike anymore due to the mandatory social distancing. This has caused me to loose nearly all the business and I am not making any money to take care of my son.

We have been advised to wear masks and gloves, however we don’t have these items and we are unable┬áto purchase them because of lack of money. Any help finding these items is greatly appreciated.

Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thank You



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June, 2020

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