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Medical Patient and Community Driver Needs Assistance

Struggling medical patient and community worker needs medical and food assistance to survive their condition.

My name is Muhumuza Rogers, 29 years old from Ishaka-Bushenyi. I currently living in Nansana. I am a graduate of a Diploma in Leisure and Hospitality. I work as a driver on hire. I have been HIV positive for the last eight years and under medication. I was laid off from my contractual work on Monday 25th March 2020 after fraud restriction were put in the country by the president.

My bosses are opted to let me go and I am afraid I will run out of money to survive. I am currently looking for work but all in vain since the country is under lock down and many businesses closed transporting myself to my health centre (TASO) where I am monitored and given drugs has become way difficult. I also cannot afford enough medication to sustain me over the period of lockdown from my nearest health facility which is over 8 km away.

We have been advised to wear masks and gloves, however we don’t have these items and we are unable┬áto purchase them because of lack of money. Any help finding these items is greatly appreciated.

Hope on seeing your assistance. Thank you very much.

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