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Struggling Mother Needs Assistance

Help struggling mother provide food to take care of kids and her parents.

My name is Phoebe Bakamweraho, 52 years old, Ugandan. I live in Kawempe division, Kampala district. I lost my job as a Secretary in 2017. Currently, I am sickly with hypertension (blood pressure) and my parents are aged and have diabetes, hypertension and poor as well. I don’t have money for renting my house, money for buying food, electricity bills, medical bills, soap, sugar, sanitary pads for my three daughters, 2nd year Bachelors, 2nd year diploma and Senior one secondary level, and three nephews among others, the conditions are not favourable both in financial and welfare. My children are no longer schooling due to the condition I am going through. I have been a custodian to a certain school in Kawempe division where I have been trying to make a survival. Since the Corvid 19 (Corona virus) pandemic outbreak, I have been put to a standstill from working by my both due to the fear of the virus outbreak.

My country Uganda has been put to a lockdown and almost all businesses have been locked and there is nowhere to work from to earn a living with my family. I am afraid because my family has no food and we are poor and anxious of what would happen if this condition continues.

I do believe that your assistance will improve on my conditions with my family. May God bless you.

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