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Teacher Now Jobless Struggling To Keep Family Healthy

Teacher now without job and struggling to keep family healthy.

My name is Nelly were and these are my children Imani and pendo. My cause is the corona vidus pandemic which has rendered me jobless. I am a teacher but two weeks ago,schools were closed due to the corona virus. we were told that we will get paid only after  parents pay fees because where I teach is a small private schools we get our salaries from the school fees paid by parents and parents right now are refusing to pay fees saying that their children did not learn for a full term so they will not pay.



The pandemic virusis affecting us financially in a way that we cannot get our daily needs like food,rent, medication, electricity and water. Food stuffs like maize. Flour,wheat flour cooking oilrice,sugar,tealeaves,bathing soap,laundry soap, cereals like beans and maize.


Rent wise we don’t know what will happen the next coming months when the landlord comes knocking and you have no rent money with you.
Medication is also a problem because you cannot get quality medical care without some little money.Electricity and water bills are also a challenge because without paying the monthly bills, electricity and water will be cut off and during this time,one needs water alot because if you cannot be able to get alcohol based hand sanitizers,water and soap will do for washing hands.


Thank you!
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