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Community Worker Needs Assistance To Eat and Survive

Ugandan community worker forced to stop work and needs assistance to eat and survive.

My name is Grace Kyomugasho, aged 60 years old Ugandan. I come from Bushenyi district western Uganda and currently I live in Nakawa division, Naguru Go-down suburb. I am the community worker and sell used clothes to earn a living at Nakawa market.

Due to the outbreak of Corona Virus, the president of my country Uganda ordered a closure of all non-food stuffs at all market places on 25th March 2020 and since then I have been on a lockdown at my place since there is no work. I am worried about any living since I have no enough money to sustain my living for the 32 days and am uncertain of any outcome. I am stranded in Kampala city since it is expensive to live without food, rent, transport has also been closed till further notice.

It is of any humble request for someone out there to listen to my call for help.

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