Father Lost Support From Son Needing Assistance

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My name is Peter Bataringaya, aged 52 years old Ugandan, live in Naguru Go down, a suburb in Kampala City. I lost my job as a chief 10 years ago due to my poor health of hypertension, asthma and my low qualifications academically. I am a father of one son and a dependant to him. My son travelled to Kenya three months ago and he has been sending me some little money to help me out but since he is not working due to the outbreak of Corona Virus and all East African countries and African countries have been put to a lockdown, businesses closed, boarders closed and no transport movements within Uganda as well.

I am now living in a dilemma of living no help, sometimes no food, and am so worried about my health and my life because everyone in my county is in fear of their fellow individuals about the virus. I am of in need of someone to help me out from this situation I am in.

May God bless you.

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