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Single Mother of 5 Needs Assistance

Ugandan single mother of 5 struggling to provide food and medicine for children.

I am Nakafero Constance, 47 years old, single mother of 5 dependants. I live in Naguru go-down III, Nakawa division, Kampala district. I sell charcoal and used clothes for a living. Life has never been easy but try every single day to make ends meet for my family and I have no child support received from my ex-husband, leaving my with all responsibility.

With this outbreak, life has been drawn back with no food or medication for one that is very sickly (asthmatic). My work has been jeopardized from the nationwide announcement calling off public transportation and closing off businesses. This has left me closed handed with nowhere to go to feed for my children’s needs.

Pleased be of help. Thank you.

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