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Student Needs Help to Support Herself and Parents

Student lost job and desperately needing to support herself and parents.

My name is Monica Namigadde, 28 years, I live in Mutungo suburbs, Kampala city. A student in a technical institute being trained in hair dressing. I have managed to pay my fees for school. I work at a saloon in my area of residence that provides me with the money I need for school, bills, transport and other basic needs. Since the 20th March 2020, my school was closed after the President of Uganda ordered all schools to close immediately to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. Since I did not have the required qualifications to work, the boss at the saloon sent me home saying the economy has become difficult to handle in high prices of foods, difficult in transport.

I was expecting the money I made this month to help me pay my rent for February and March. I won’t be able to make rent and the land lord already told me to go elsewhere. I have nowhere to go, no school, no work, no home, no money, nothing. I do not have food to eat and the money I have left can only take me for one week. I do not have money to buy pads. I am about to start my periods.

My parents are aged and staying in Fort portal, western Uganda. I have been sending them some money once a month to buy some needs, soap, sugar, salt among others but I cannot help them anymore. I request your favourable consideration towards my problems.

May God bless you all.

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