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Student and Car Accident Survivor Needing Assistance

Help student who survived car crash with assistance and food.

My name is Daniel Makmot, 25 years old Ugandan. I come from Kasese district, Western Uganda and a student at Kyambogo University, Kampala district. My life has been a struggle ever since my senior five in 2015 when I got a car accident. I got compound fractures as both my left leg and left arm. I was taken to the nearest health unit IV at Kilembe Hospital where the result was to have implants within my fractured arm and leg up to date. My father, a mechanical engineer who only survives from this one source of income struggled hard to pay my hospital bills of which were too expensive and of which I study from a higher education students financing board at university as a loan scheme initiative.

I pursue a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Social Sciences, 3 years course and I am in my second year. It is so uncertain that since there has an outbreak of Corona Virus in Uganda, all universities, schools, businesses, transport have been put in standstill and so as a student, I am still stranded at hostel within the university premises and which it is more expensive to live out there because I receive less money and sometimes no money to buy food and rent due to the fact that my father’s income is less, and he has to also take care of my two sisters and my step mother since I lost my mother in 2000. I am at risk of this virus and I only depend on my dad. I am of great request to render my some support.

We have been advised to wear masks and gloves, however we don’t have these items and we are unable to purchase them because of lack of money. Any help finding these items is greatly appreciated.

May God bless you.

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