Designer Stories and Highlights

Upscale Collaboration And Ensembled Styles.

Fox News DadaSoko Empowerment Feature.

Africa Day 2022 Host.

Amazing Smokeless Charcoal – 100% Organic.

Lasts 3X Longer!

See Entrepreneur Impact And Testimonials Seamlessly Connecting The US to Africa.

CBS News Empowerment Feature.

Click Picture To Watch Highlights Of The First International Event Of Its Kind Empowering All.

Lester Speight – Aka “The Big Guy” Shows How PaySoko Enables Entrepreneurs To Get Real Time Payment Benefits From Global Sales.

Designer and Creator Stories – Live From The GlobalSoko Headquarters And DadaSoko Show Room in Nairobi.

First Of Its Kind African Winter Fashion Runway – Waldorf Astoria World Famous Las Vegas Strip.

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