Former Builder is Paralysed and Needs Help To Support Family

My name is Tumusiime Ezra, 58 years old and my wife is Kembaga Irene, 50 years old. We have six children. We live in Ntungamo District, country Uganda. I am a former builder and my work has been seasonal. Last five years ago, I got high blood pressure, diabetes, eye problem, spinal code, paralysed the whole side of my body, I cannot walk at all, I use a wheel chair and I have to get a helper.

My last children were stopped from schooling due to lack of school fees. My wife no longer goes to garden due to my bad condition. I need to remain with a helper all the time. She remains at home monitoring me. I don’t have money for buying medical facilities, home necessities, school fees among others. The Corona virus outbreak has worried my situation in my daily life. And have no way of getting food or my basics for my home.

I am of need of someone reaching out to my help for food and needs. Thank you very much and may God bless you.

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