What is
Global Soko Foundation?

Global Soko Foundation is a digital donation platform enabling donors to securely send needed resources to ANYONE from ANYWHERE in the world.

Global Soko aims to:

Engage donors by facilitating the Donation process at every level

Enrich the Global economy by contracting local Small Business Owners to deliver Donated and Gifted resources

Empower People to Unify in the time of Crisis

Current Causes in need of Donations and Volunteer Service

Discover issues and cases that you might be interested in sponsoring, donating to, or volunteering to help.


Funded To Date

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Find a cause you believe in and make good things happen

How it Works


GlobalSoko Foundation and its partners help in every step along the way, beginning with Engaging the Donors and Volunteers with the people in need, while Enriching the local economy and Empowering the recipients to improve their own lives

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