In reality, digital transformation is an ongoing process that never truly ends. Businesses were just getting acclimatized to computers being an essential everyday tool since the 80s when the internet emerged in the nineties and forced them to rethink technology from the ground up. Then no sooner had we gotten the hang of .coms and email when social media turned everything on its head once again. Then came the mobile internet, then the cloud, then artificial intelligence (AI) …

However, technology is only ever a part of the picture. Just as important are the human issues that are central to successfully going through these processes of transformation. These include the needs and behaviors of your customers, your company culture, and the buy-in of leadership and the wider workforce. All of which play an absolutely vital part in determining the outcome of any digital transformation initiative.

Once you start to consider this, then it becomes clear that technology is only a part of the challenge. And, I would go as far as to say, due to the growing availability and accessibility of just-about-anything as-a-service, delivered through cloud platforms, it’s probably the easiest part for most businesses to solve.

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